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With this solution we lighten your load, you only have to think about following the navigator and pedaling in freedom. Every day we will move your luggage according to the structures that you have identified.

You will book autonomously the accommodations according to the program of the tracks, also make sure that the facilities have a reception open during our time slots of luggage transfer and finally check that you have the possibility to store the bikes safely.

For the luggage transfer is important that the structures are not in historic centers as usually inaccessible to cars, in which case we may require a surcharge. In case you want to be sure to choose well we can show you some bike friendly accommodations or that we already know.

The first day we will meet at your accommodation and during the delivery of the bike we will carry out a bike fitting and briefing where we will explain in detail the tracks and how to use our gps navigator, you will also receive a leaflet. The time of moving luggage will be every day from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm, different times can be agreed in advance upon our availability.

Each bike supplied with the solution "Zero worries" will have as standard the front bag with the cycle kit inside and in addition a side baghelmetwater bottle.

For racing bike models in addition to helmet and water bottle and as an alternative to the front / side bag we provide the maxi expandable saddlebag Ortlieb with inside the cycle kit and also any special pedals if required.


The tour is divided into seven stages, six of which are itinerant and one is a ring, the route is suitable for any type of bike. The itinerary is within the reach of any person, only a few stretches with light climbs or more strenuous but not lasting and the rest mostly flat or downhill. The roads are mostly secondary roads with low traffic, some stretches with medium traffic, several country roads with almost no traffic. The road surface is asphalted.
For the elevation plans you can consult the list of tracks and identify those of the route.

Tracks description




Art and culture



355 Km totali

Local areas

Italia > Puglia >
Sud Est barese – Murgia dei trulli – Valle d'Itria - Bari

A week on the bike to fall in love with the Itria Valley, being shown the way by the Southeast of Bari. Leaving comfortably from the central train station in Bari, you will cross the South-East of Bari, first meeting Capurso and its church of Madonna del Pozzo, which is very reminiscent of the white Mexican churches of the Adriatic, proceeding through the historic center of Rutigliano, the city of the masters figuli and landing in the medieval Conversano, then the arrival in Alberobello and it will be love at first sight, the capital of the trulli Unesco heritage. The next day you will make a loop circuit returning then always in Alberobello. The caves of Castellana will be waiting for you, which you will pass in front of the entrance if you visit, and then you will end up seeing the terraces overlooking the sea of Polignano and the sea again in Monopoli. You will certainly take a bath in one of the more than twenty beaches of the town. From the coast you will return to gain the valley of Itria including Locorotondo, Cisternino and Ostuni called the white city for its whiteness shining from the hill. The exploration of the valley continues to the elegant Martina Franca with its baroque balconies all to be photographed and finally the return to Bari through the Adriatic coast will make you want to return to Puglia to deepen the knowledge of other beauties.

Detailed informations

1° track – 65 km
Bari > Capurso > Rutigliano > Conversano > Putignano > Alberobello
Route mostly uphill, easy

2° track — 35 km (loop track)
Alberobello > Noci > Putignano > Barsento > Alberobello
Path with ups and downs, easy

3° track – 45 km
Alberobello > Castellana Grotte > Polignano a mare > Monopoli
Downhill and flat route, easy

4° track – 55 km
Monopoli > Egnathia > Locorotondo > Cisternino > Ostuni
Flat and uphill route, medium

5° track – 50 km
Ostuni > Ceglie Messapica > Martina Franca
Route with ups and downs, medium

6° track — 55 km
Martina Franca > Noci > Putignano > Conversano
Route mostly downhill, easy

7° track — 50 km
Conversano > Mola di Bari > Torre a Mare > Bari
Downhill and flat route, easy

  • Bike rental (see details of costs for type and quantity)
  • Delivery and pick up (the pick up will be done at the same time of the luggage delivery of the last transfer agreeing time)
  • Ortlieb side and handlebar bag
  • Safety kit and repair for cycle excursion
  • Daily luggage transfer hotel/hotel
  • GPS navigator for bike with preloaded tracks (or alternatively GPX to upload on personal smartphone)
  • Telephone assistance (English/Italian)
  • Paper road map Puglia 1:200.000
Esclusions and other infos

Any item not expressly mentioned as included in the services offered such as roadside assistance, accommodation, meals, picking up from/to airports or cab service, medical insurance and luggage are to be considered EXCLUDED. If you want a quote with these extras you can receive a quote from one of our partners Tour Operator or cab service by dealing directly with them.

In case of roadside assistance and / or repair bike will be required to pay an extra amount at the time of intervention.

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