If you want, you can!

The world can change if we show we want to. We have already moved and therefore we are that part of Puglia ... in motion.

The company "Puglia in Movimento srl" was born in February 2009, participating in the tender "Active Principles - Puglia Region". Chosen from over 1600 projects, it will win with an idea in the sustainable mobility sector linked to the development of the electric bike and rental sector. To date this service has been enriched with experience, professionalism and passion.


Jump on!

Bicycles, accessories, tours, gps routes, breathtaking itineraries, transport, zero thought assistance: everything you need for a fantastic holiday!


The best way to see Puglia

Immerse yourself in the landscape, feel the smells, the sounds, breathe all that Puglia has to offer, with a slow, sustainable, human-sized tourism.

every moment.

Immergiti nelle tradizioni e nei sapori pugliesi. Ti porteremo a scoprire tutto il gusto della Puglia.

We're at your service

We intend to organize the best possible experience, so we will take care of everything: rental, luggage transport, bike recovery service, information and assistance during the trip. Feel free to ask us what you need, and we will help you.

Puglia in movimento srl - cycling holidays

Via montesano 58 - Capurso (Ba) 70010 Italia

(available on appointment)