Meeting point in Bari

We can meet near the central station on via Capruzzi 268 (Jerusalem Pub), at the airport directly at the gate in front of the road or at the Eni gas station outside the airport.
In old Bari and in some streets of the center is not possible to enter with the car, we can meet in a point near your bnb, we will indicate the exact place.
We can also meet anywhere in the city, tell us the address of your bnb/hotel.

Which payments do you accept?

It's possible to pay by bank transfer within 7 working days from the start date of the chosen service or alternatively via paypal paying a 4% commission. Through paypal you can also pay by credit card without being registered on paypal by responding to our request for payment, it is necessary to have an internet connection and an email so it is always recommended to pay in advance to carry out the operations comfortably. It is also possible to pay in cash upon delivery of the bike.
In any case it is always necessary to inform us in advance of the method of payment chosen.
In addition, if you prefer cash payment (not recommended), if you come from abroad, it is advisable to know what is your maximum daily withdrawal because there are often low limits.

Inoltre in caso in cui preferiate il pagamento in contanti (sconsigliato), nel caso veniate dall'estero, è opportuno sapere qual è il vostro massimale di prelievo giornaliero poichè spesso vi sono limiti bassi.

What is your Covid policy?

We sanitize all of our bikes and hands both before delivery and at pickup.
We follow the Ministry of Health's guidance on spacing and individual protection and ask our customers to do the same. Government decisions change often so we ask for updates through institutional channels.

Is it possible to cancel a reservation at the last moment?

Because of Covid we give the possibility to customers to book without advance payment, you can pay even close to the vacation within 5 working days if by bank transfer or via paypal (also by credit card) paying a surcharge of 4% or cash on delivery during the first day of rental. Some services such as luggage transfer may require payment in advance, we will explain everything via email.
The cancellation of a reservation can be made only if you have not paid a deposit or the amount and within 15 working days, in which case we refund the amount retaining only 10 euros of administrative management. Otherwise the amount is retained in full.
In exceptional cases (e.g. border closures for Covid) and at our discretion, we may also take other measures such as a refund or a voucher for the same amount to use our services within a given period, usually at least one year.

In casi eccezionali (es. chiusure frontiere per Covid) e a nostra discrezione possiamo anche adottare misure diverse come il rimborso oppure un voucher di pari importo per usufruire dei nostri servizi entro un dato periodo solitamente almeno un anno.

What happens in case of theft or damage to the bike?

Customers sign our regulations and pay a deposit of 100 euro in cash for each bike that we return when the bikes are returned (it is also possible to pay the deposit in advance via paypal to a specific account for deposits), this deposit does not cover theft and serious damage for which there is a payment on par with the new of each bike (see regulation for the amounts of each bike) and the separate payment of all accessories provided with the bike.
Customers are held responsible in any case even using the lock that we provide. We ask you to be careful and make sure you never leave your bike unattended even for a short time. In case of theft, customers are required to pay immediately for the bike and accessories.
At the time of delivery we ask to see the identification document of the customer who signs the regulation.

Al momento della consegna bici chiediamo di vedere il documento di riconoscimento del cliente che firma il regolamento.

What bike sizes do you have?

We have bikes in sizes from S to XL for hybrid bikes, from S to L for electric bikes and from 52 to 58 (S/M/L/XL) for racing bikes. However, we constantly update the bike park and therefore at the time of booking when you indicate your height we will inform you of the model of bike that we will give you and certainly you will have a size suitable for you, in case you want a specific size and you already know the model of bike in question tell us in the comments form directly the size you want.

Do you offer insurance?

No. In Italy at the moment there is no insurance with ideal conditions for bike rental, but some customers from abroad are able to take out insurance in their country that also covers theft or damage to the bike in addition to the simplest as the medical and luggage. Check with your insurance company or ask your travel agency.

Do you deliver and pick up bikes?

Yes, of course, everywhere in Puglia and outside the region. The delivery and pickup in Bari and Capurso is always free, we also work any day of the year without fixed schedules in return, however, we do not guarantee physical presence at our warehouse. It is always necessary to make an appointment in advance, you can contact us at the form on this site, send us an email, a whatsapp message or call us (we speak Italian and English).

What happens if I get a flat tire or need assistance?

It often happens that a tire gets punctured, we provide our customers with a repair kit and invite everyone to study at home how to make a repair as it happens that in our streets you can find some pieces of glass or sharp stones. We also remind you to check and remove the objects that caused the puncture in order to avoid its recurrence.
The customers who puncture and repair the puncture independently do not pay anything, while if they use the spare inner tube are required to repay the cost of 5 euros each or refill the kit with the same technical characteristics.
In the case in which you have need of our intervention if we were in the zone the intervention can be free or to payment according if the damage is imputable to you or our carelessness. We always carry out maintenance to our bikes change the worn parts before their end of life, however, it may happen that some unfortunate event can happen to you, we always ask you to stay calm and contact us, together we will find a solution.
In the event that the intervention is extra ordinary, the customer is required to pay for the service in the same way as a bike transfer (see transfer costs) in addition to the time spent and any materials supplied or replaced, after our indication of the amount the customer is required to pay at the same time.

How do Apulians drive cars?

Unfortunately not well, often you can find reckless driving around thinking of being in Formula One or you can see people who do not respect the limits or the road signs. We therefore ask our customers to always pay attention to the road, and even in the countryside to be careful because it happens to think you're alone and instead may pop out a car suddenly around the corner. Always use the bell if provided on your bike and avoid driving at night because our bikes are not ideal for night excursions (we provide in kit only two mini led lights to signal position).

How much do your bikes weigh?

Our bikes have different weights depending on the model, we take only aluminum or aluminum / carbon bikes to keep as light as possible, the weight of a hybrid complete with front bag and kit is around 15 kg and also depends on the size. Electric bikes can reach 20kg and racing bikes around 10kg.

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