Ortlieb expandable saddle bag

borsa sottosella maxi vista laterale
borsa sottosella maxi vista laterale 2
borsa sottosella maxi vista alto

Height : 26 cm | Width : 40 cm | Depth : 15 cm | Weight : 325 g

  • Size M
  • expandable up to 11 liters of capacity
  • waterproof
  • air valve for compacting
  • Semi-rigid end bottom for stability even on rough terrain
  • limited swinging movements thanks to the adjustment rod (accessory on request)
  • Mounting on seat tube and seat post with reinforced hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Acts as fender
  • Anthracite grey and fluo orange reflective inserts.

cost: 5€ / day

Horizontal tube bag Ortlieb

borsa tubo orizzontale ortieb
borsa tubo orizzontale 2

Height : 13 cm | Width : 50 cm | Depth : 6 cm | Weight : 170 g

  • Capacity 4L
  • useful to optimize space
  • waterproof
  • reinforced longitudinal zipper
  • compatible with medium to large frames
  • Ideal for transporting long and heavy objects such as the pegs of a camping tent, various equipment or food supplies.
  • Mountable only on bikes with horizontal tube (full triangular frame/man frame)
  • Color anthracite gray and fluo orange
  • reflective inserts.

cost: 5€ / day

Handlebar bag for racing bike Ortlieb

borsa manubrio da corsa vista frontale
borsa ortlieb a manubrio corsa su bici
borsa manubrio corsa vista laterale

Altezza : 16 cm | Larghezza : 45 cm | Profondità : 16 cm | Peso : 375 g

  • Capacity 9L
  • side roll up version
  • spacers for use with any type of racing handlebars
  • waterproof
  • Acts as a fender
  • Reflective inserts anthracite gray and fluo orange color.

Brake and gearshifts can move without touching the bag. Straps with reinforced tear-off closures are used to adjust the position of the bag. The rigid plastic support inside the attachment to the head tube guarantee the necessary stability, even on the roughest terrain.

cost: 5€ / day

Smartphone holder (various models)

Borsa porta smartphone
borsello porta smartphone aperto con etichetta
borsello porta smartphone vista angolare
borsello porta smartphone vista alto

Compatible with 3.5", 4", 5" and 5.5" display

  • Waterproof and touchscreen smartphone holder with housing for powerbank battery or wallet.
  • Smartphone bag to be attached in the corner of the handlebar / fork on the horizontal tube.

It's important to know the model and size of the display in order to give you the exact model for you. The model for larger phones is slightly different and softer, but maintains the characteristics of the touchscreen display.

cost: 5€ one time

Special pedals

look keo pedale
spd-sl pedale
pedali gabbia2

To attach to your bike shoes in many different ways.
Pedals of different brands and models such as Shimano SPD, Look Keo, Shimano SPDsl, Exustar, Pedals with adjustable cage.
Possibility to have also cleats, to be indicated at the time of booking. It is important to know the brand and model that are usually used in order not to make mistakes pedals to the delivery of the bike, this information must be provided at the time of booking.

cost: 10€ one time

Water bottle

borraccia bpa free 600ml
  • Borraccia di marchi e colori diversi
  • In plastica BPA free ovvero senza bisfenolo (non consigliato l'uso di sostanze grasse e oliose).
  • Capienza 600ml, 1lt e 600ml termica.

Le borracce sono nuove e pertanto vengono acquistate dai clienti che possono portarle via alla riconsegna della bici. Sulla maggior parte delle nostre bici sono presenti due porta borraccia tranne in case in cui il telaio non permette l'inserimento della stessa.

Remember to have water with you at all times!

  • Bottles of different brands and colors
  • Made of BPA free plastic or bisphenol free (not recommended for use with fatty and oily substances).
  • Available in different capacities: 550ml, 650ml (thermal) and 950ml.

The bottles are new and therefore are purchased by customers who can take them away at the return of the bike. On most of our bikes there are two water bottle holders except in cases where the frame does not allow the insertion of the same.

Cost 5 € (600ml) / 10 € (1lt) / 15 € (600ml termic)


elmetto verde vista frontale (2)
elmetto verde vista laterale
elmetto verde vista posteriore
  • Never ride without a helmet, put it on your head!
  • Helmet with adjustable straps and neck grip
  • Sizes S/M and L/XL.
  • Various colors available

cost: 10€ one-off

GPX tracks


Cycle without thinking about the road, sure to reach your destination
Take a look at our suggested itineraries or consult our tracks in the database and indicate the ones you want in the booking form.
Our verified tracks are specially created to connect the most attractive points of the region through mostly paved roads suitable for both racing and trekking bikes. We have a wide choice of routes and types, of various level and intensity or distance and altitude profile (in Apulia the altitude profiles are mostly easy-medium). All our routes are designed to have the right compromise between car traffic intensity, landscape, points of interest, services in urban areas. Ring routes are also available so that you can spend several days in the same city or combine linear and ring routes to create the itinerary that suits your needs.

cost: 5 € / track

GPS Garmin Edge Touring

garmin in scatola vista frontale
garmin edge touring contenuto
garmin edge touring contenuto

The navigator made especially for cyclists, you will never get lost.

  • Long battery life variable depending on the type of use
  • Display visible even in direct sunlight
  • Water resistant
  • Mounting on handlebars through support and elastic bands
  • Easy to use
  • Charging with battery charger or USB port

cost: 5 € / day by autotrack

10 € / day with tracks

Ortlieb wallet/top tube bag

borsello porta oggetti
borsello porta oggetti vista laterale

Height: 18 cm | Width: 8 cm | Depth : 8 cm

  • Color gray and orange fluo.
  • Zipper and reinforced structure.

Ideal for wallets, snacks, energy bars, keys, money, powerbank, smartphone...). It can be mounted between the horizontal tube and the headset or between the horizontal tube and the seatpost, but also upside down between the horizontal tube and the vertical tube.

cost: 5€ one-off