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NOTE The tracks are loaded in chronological order so we advise you to watch them all to find the ones suitable for you

Bari - Matera 75km
Bari - Monopoli (via Capurso) 70km
Bari - Polignano 60km
Bari - Altamura 65km
Bari - Alberobello 65km
Bari - Trani 65km
Bari airport - Bari train station 7km
Capurso - Cassano Murge 35km
Capurso - Matera 75km
Cassano Murge - Alberobello 50km
Castellana grotte - Monopoli 15km
Ceglie messapica - Ostuni 30km
Cisternino - Ceglie messapica (via AQP) 25km
Cisternino - Ceglie messapica 20km
Alberobello - Monopoli 45km
Alberobello - Avetrana 85km
Alberobello - Cisternino 25km
Alberobello - Matera 70km
Alberobello - Ostuni (via Martina Franca) 50km
Alberobello - Ostuni 40km
Alberobello loop (via Putignano) 35km
Altamura loop (via Gravina) 50km
Altamura - Matera (via diga S.Giuliano) 55km
Avetrana - Alberobello (via Grottaglie) 85km
Avetrana - Gallipoli 65km
Gallipoli - Avetrana 65km
Gallipoli - Leuca 55km
Gallipoli - Lecce 50km
Lecce - Gallipoli 50km
Lecce - Ostuni 90km
Lecce - Otranto 55km
Lecce loop (Via torre dell'orso) 65km
Lecce train station - Lecce Duomo 1km
Leuca - Gallipoli 50km
Leuca - Otranto 55km
Locorotondo loop (via canale Pirro/AQP) 40km
Martina Franca loop (via AQP) 35km
Matera - Alberobello 75km
Matera - Bari 80km
Matera - Montescaglioso 20km
Mesagne - Lecce 50km
Monopoli - Alberobello 45km
Monopoli - Ostuni 55km
Monopoli - Martina Franca 55km
Montescaglioso - Matera 20km
Ostuni - Alberobello 45km
Ostuni - Avetrana 65km
Ostuni - Brindisi train station 50km
Ostuni - Mesagne 45km
Ostuni - Monopoli 55km
Ostuni loop (via Martina F.) 75km
Ostuni town - Ostuni train station 3km
Otranto - Lecce 55km
Otranto - Leuca 55km
Polignano - Alberobello (via Monopoli) 35km
Trani - Altamura 90km
Ostuni - Alberobello (via AQP) 50km
Ostuni - Francavilla Fontana 35km
Avetrana - Martina Franca 65km
Martina Franca - Conversano 55km

How to use the tracks

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In the app stores of your smartphone you will surely find several free applications to view gpx files which are extensions of track files. We recommend the GPXviewer app (google store, android), at the moment it seems like the best free app, but you can look for others.

Remember that to use your smartphone as a navigator it may be useful to take our rental smartphone holder which has a touchscreen cover so you will not have to worry in case of rain, it is fixed on the top tube at the corner with the handlebar pipette attachment. We also recommend that you always have a power bank with you so that you can reach your destination every day without running out of battery sooner. In this case you can use our paper map. Another problem for those who use the smartphone is direct sunlight, in fact it is difficult to look at the smartphone in full sun so alternatively you can decide to rent our Garmini Edge touring gps navigator with the tracks you will show us, our navigator is created to be used even in full sun, you will always see the display without problems.